Here's why you can't just DELEGATE...
or BUY your way out-of-trouble/to-success
There's a reason why our efforts to change - or to grow the business - don't always deliver
1. Successful Businesses rarely 'go-it-alone'

2. Unless you're ABSOLUTELY CLEAR on who you are, why you exist, who you serve, and the values everyone lives-and-breathes... you will be torn apart!

Coaches  /  Mentors  /  Financial Advisors  /  Marketers  /  IT Companies  /  
 - conflicting advice
 - denigrating past work
 - don't know enough about you... but willing to flog you something anyway
 - cost more than they need to... because you're not sufficiently 'prepared'
 - don't unveil the full [scary!] complexity involved for you to make best-use of their service(s)

3. Can't rely on Helpers to 'steer you right'...

Change this text
Just because the fundamentals are the same for every business, don't think this will make yours just like everyone else's... there are many decisions you will make along the way that ensure your uniqueness!

But please, make sure you've got good foundations, walls, windows... and a roof over your head! :-)

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