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We use Patreon... a service used by many other content-creators to make it easy for supporters to chip-in small amounts of money on a regular basis, so we get to eat and keep creating what you want.
Patreon handles the logistics

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We keep creating awesome stuff!
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Hi there,

Thanks for checking-out our Patron page.

We're grateful that many of our users choose to support us by making a small monthly contribution to covering our overheads. You can see what others are doing here.

See the panel to the LEFT for more about Patreon, the platform we use to facilitate your contributions.

PATRONS help me EAT, and CREATE!

Here at the start of 2018, I'm at the beginning the transition to this new independent service. I can power-on for a few months thanks to savings... I can get the ball rolling.

Hopefully - if you like where I'm headed - you might consider chipping in a few dollars each month to enable me to keep doing this and remain 100% independent.

I'm keeping overheads low, but am slowly acquiring AudioVisual equipment to make better videos, I need to pay for a few web-related services (hosting etc), and will ultimately need a few bucks to eat and keep a roof over my head.

I don't expect to be able to replicate my previous lifestyle through this new work, but that's not the point... I'm excited to be doing what I feel 'called' to do.  

I hope you enjoy the fruits of this labour, and if the time-comes you find yourself in a position to help - through becoming a Patron, contributing content, or joining the team - know that it's truly appreciated.


A Reminder...

Why We Do What We Do
We BELIEVE that work can - and should - be a rewarding and uplifting experience for all.

We EXIST To Make Life 'Better' for workers everywhere, through Strengthening the Organisations and Teams to which these amazing people lend their talents.

How it started

One way or another I've been supporting businesses and leaders for almost 30 years... sometimes as an independent consultant, and other-times working for awesome service-providers who do excellent work.

Sadly, as a highly ethical person, I experienced challenges

As an independent consultant, I had to charge a lot of money... and it seemed the ones who most-needed a little help were the ones who could least-afford it.  I ended up doing a *lot* of pro-bono work, which is super-rewarding, but not sustainable.

When I represented awesome service-providers, I always felt a tension between serving the customer, i.e. only offering them something if we had what they really needed at that time, and serving my employer, who expected me to offer every customer the products or services we sold... regardless of their deeper needs.

A Better Way

Now I'm dedicated to helping-those who are prepared to help-themselves.

The way I fulfil my own personal and business PURPOSE is to help business owners and team leaders be the best they can be... by getting the 'fundamentals' right.  

Your patronage enables me to create and curate the resources you'll need... to cut-through the clutter of advice and methodologies available through consultants or the internet... to interview business just like yours to understand what 'works' and how to avoid squandering precious resources on work that won't make the differences you seek.

With the strong foundation we help you lay, the prospect of sustained success is raised, and the quality of life for yourselves and your workers dramatically improves.

It's about taking-back control, unlocking your potential, and creating the future you want.

I'm committed to you; let's do this together...
Receive your WEEKLY DIGEST of new resources:
Receive your WEEKLY DIGEST of new resources:
What People Are Saying:
I often see small business owners become overwhelmed by the work ahead of them.

The LeaderZone brings all the resources they need into one place so owners can cut through the BS and be crystal-clear on what their next step should be.

LeaderZone puts them back in control; I'm starting to recommend it to all my clients.
- Neil Prentice, Advisor WA
I love Glen's 'take-no-prisoners' approach. He can be blunt, but is always on the mark.

I could have wasted a TON of time and money tip-toeing around the the real issues, and paying for services that were never going to make a real difference to me.

Instead I took the reigns myself, and with the LeaderZone's support have never looked back!
- Gitte Heij, SME WA
Working with Glen is an eye-opening, enlightening experience. He is a visionary and strategic leader, with an excellent understanding of the challenges and issues faced by business, big and small, in today's fast paced world.

He is passionate about helping business succeed; and this passion is contagious. I have learnt a tremendous amount from Glen and the resources provided by the LeaderZone, and look forward to continuing my leadership journey with their support.
- Luke van Zeller, Corporate NZ
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