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Glen Head
Chief Navigator
We Exist To Make Life 'Better' For Workers Everywhere, Through Strengthening The Organisations And Teams To Which These Amazing People Lend Their Talents.
We believe that work can - and should - be a rewarding and uplifting experience for all. 
We're based in Perth, Western Australia, and are initially focusing on supporting WA Leaders and Business Owners.  

Our intent is to help business owners and team leaders take-back control of their work-lives by providing critical resources and guidance along the way... to get the 'fundamentals' right thus laying a strong foundation for all the work that follows.

Over time - as our number of Patrons grows - we hope to replicate our service across Australia. But for now, we're committed to helping the locals!

At the moment, the LeaderZone is just me... supported by my extended network of talented and progressive contributors. Over time we'll bring-on the researchers, videographers, editors and others who will enable LeaderZone to reach its full potential.

So Who Am I?

Yes, I'm an experienced CEO, Board Member and Leader-of-others. I've been a consultant and advisor, have built-and-sold a profitable private company here in WA, have held senior government and private-sector positions, and have worked around Australia and overseas.

But am I a great leader? Well... probably not! In-short, I'm a work-in-progress... as-are we all.

What I am though is a conscious leader, with a service mindset, who understands what's possible.

And when it comes to evaluating service-providers, and judging claims, my bullsh*t-detector is both highly-tuned and relentless.

My Motivation?

I'm not driven by any single motivation... hey, I'm a complex guy on an interesting journey!

However my sense of urgency is driven by the experiences of my two amazing children... aged just 19 and 21.  Already, at these tender ages, they're frustrated by their experiences at work.

I cannot - in good conscience - do anything less than my best to see 'work' transform, so that in the future they will be more likely to end-up with employer(s) who infuse their work with meaning and provide my kids with opportunities to flourish.

I hope you will take advantage of the resources we're creating and curating for you, and perhaps even choose to support us in this mission.

Much love,
Chief Navigator
Receive your WEEKLY DIGEST of new resources:
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